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     Wattson was founded by Victor and James Au in 2015 after both spent time living abroad in the dense megacities of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. A common trend noticed by Victor, an engineer by training, was the prolific use of electric scooters in Shanghai.

     Seemingly years ahead of America in terms of the adoption of alternative transportation methods, electric scooters seemed to rise out necessity. Shanghai, fully realizing it’s on-going pollution and traffic issues put into law a change to introduce electric scooters across the city.

     Living in these megacities gave us direct insight into how electric bikes and scooters could change and improve life in America. An idea was born to introduce a solution that would easily integrate into the American lifestyle and preemptively address issues rising from current trends. Partnering with one of the largest electric scooter manufacturer in the world, we designed the Pivot specifically to fit into the urban lifestyle with all the benefits of a bike and all the comfort of a scooter.

     Our mission is to get an electric bike into every urban household in America, and in doing so reduce our dependance on cars, gas, and oil, reduce both air and noise pollution, and help Americans commute and explore our great cities.

     We owe a huge thanks to those who have joined us on this new and exciting movement, and we hope you’ll join us and become part of this story as well.




Founders James and Victor Au