Hi, we're Wattson.

We electric bikes.



Victor Au - Founder

James Au - Co-founder



We first discovered the phenomenon of electric bikes and light electric vehicles after living in Shanghai for over a year, a city populated by over 24 million people. In a city with such a dense population traffic can be a tricky problem and yet one that electric bikes were well suited to address.


Reducing both pollution and traffic, the municipal government pushed the concept heavily and adoption across Shanghai soared. When we first arrived in Shanghai from the US we quickly took note of this anomaly, however it wasn't until we would eventually try riding our own that we would understand how big this could be.


It was an instant rush. It made virtually no noise. The ride was incredibly smooth, with no gear changes or engine revs to build. The power of the rapid acceleration. We fell in love immediately.


We had found something special… we have found the future. And so we set out on a mission to bring the best possible electric bike to market with our core design principles of fun and easy.


We knew the bike had to be an absolute blast to ride much like our first experience. It had to be extremely comfortable and something you could enjoy with friends and family. It had to be easy to ride and not require the rider to break a sweat. It had to integrate into our daily lives effortlessly, and it had to look great while doing it.


After much research, trial, and error, we finally ended with something that meet all of our demands… the Wattson Spark. You're going to love it.